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We have many cooks and chefs in our network that are available for Temporary Hire. When you have an event that calls for additional help in your kitchen why not use Cooks for Temporary Hire.   Using Temporary Cooks for Hire will help your bottom line, by not having to pay a staff member when business is slow. As caterers we always used temporary cooks for hire whenever our kitchen needed additional cooks or chefs. is the new better way to find those responsible cooks and chefs for your events


We are the only Temporary Cooks For Hire service that really does something to eliminate or drastically reduce NO-SHOWS. With Hourly Shifts, a cook or chef who does not show up when they are suppose to will immediately be removed from our network with a very negative review and their deposit, which we require at sign up, will not be returned. With Hourly Shifts…

    • You are the one who decides what cooks or chefs will be sent to your event. 
    • All of the cooks and chef’s work history and reviews entered by other Kitchen managers will be viewed in plain site.
    • When you post your event needing a cook or chef for your kitchen, the posting will immediately be sent from the website to the qualified cooks and chefs throughout our network
    • You then will be able to approve or disapprove any cooks or chefs who requests to work your event
    • So don’t delay. Use to staff your kitchen for your next event. Start by registering your business, it is free.


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